Attain Vietnam visa on arrival Indian, to learn more, view here

 The government of Vietnam has now taken a step toward allowing Indians the VOA. Thus, it makes India the 163rd nation to enter the list. Thus, Vietnam visa on arrival Indian is the step that allows Indian citizens to attain Vietnamese Visa from the concerned embassy in their country.

Moreover, visa is duly stamped by the Embassy thus, making in valid and lawful in Vietnam when the Indian national arrives at the mentioned ports.

The process of applying VOA for Indians  

  • Fill the form online along with the application
  • Make the necessary payment online
  • Attain the approval letter
  • Get the visa stamped at the airport by the authority

Therefore, if an Indian wishes to enter Vietnam, he/she is few clicks away. The primary types of Visas are the business visa and tourist visa. The duration of stay varies for different purposes. Thus, to know more, view here .

The Benefits of Applying For Vietnam Visa Online

Earlier you had to visit the Embassy with various documents and wait for almost a week to get the approval. But now getting a visa to Vietnam is very easy. If a person wishes to get India to Vietnam visa on arrival, he/she should fulfil the below criteria.

  • Your passport should have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining before the date of travel. In case your passport has validity but no empty page, the immigration officer will give you a loose-leaf visa
  • You have to travel to Vietnam by air. You will receive the visa at the immigration counter of the airport  
Benefits of getting a visa Vietnam on arrival

It does not take much time to fill an online application form
You do not have to visit the Vietnam Embassy
No requirement of any documents or passport
Save money and time instead of spending on travel to the Embassy
It is a convenient way as you can pick your visa on your arrival at any Vietnam airport.

When you apply for Vietnam visa online, you get the approval letter within 48 hours if there are no issues. In case your application is rejected you will get the complete refund of the service fees.